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Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Q & A | 1 comment

What are the Waters Above the Firmament?


Dear Robert, what in your judgment are the ‘waters above the heavens’ of Genesis 1?

In Domino, Hugh

R. Sungenis: Hugh, taking Scripture at face value, I believe it teaches that there is a huge mass of water above the material heavens, that is, water that surrounds the material universe completely around the perimeter of its spherical shape. This water is used to cool and humidify the universe. This water originated from the primordial water that surrounded the earth on Day One. The depth of this water was millions or billions of miles with earth in the center like a tiny seed. When the firmament was created on Day Two, it began to expand and thus took the water above the firmament with it, and there it has remained unto this day. (Some of the water remained on earth and was then divided into land and seas). The expansion of the firmament continued on Day Four when the stars were created in the firmament, thus carrying the stars to their various locations in the universe (some near, some far away), and this expansion also explains how starlight could continually shine on the earth from Day Four until the present time, since the firmament expanded in accord with the speed of light.

I have cut and pasted excerpts from GWW, Vol. 2 that gives the scientific, biblical and patristic evidence for these things and put them in a PDF file for you.

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1 Comment

  1. Are the waters above from Genesis, the sea of glass/crystal of the Apocalypse (4:6;15:2)? Scientifically the waters above should be frozen and thus clear as glass. It should act as a magnifying glass somehow. If this world of ours is earth centered, the world above, which is not within space and time is Sun centered whereas the Sun of Righteousness is Christ the Light of the world. With Christ in the center of that inexprimable world of the Kingdome our world will shift from being the center to the margins. Now this transcendent reality can become our reality within if we eliminate the ego and make room for the Lord to live in our hearts. From being egocentrics we become Christ in resemblance when our (free) will becomes His dive will (Gal 2:20). This double concave sea of glass is the icon of our soul maybe. In this life we see things like in a mirror, inverted, and after the spiritualization of our being, when our soul will receive its first image and resemblance will see things face to face. In other words if our knowledge is about the fallen world now, then it will contemplate the Light of God.

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